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I’ve never been a fan of the color pink, although I have flirted with it on occasion. I remember one dress I bought myself for Easter in 1987. The continental pleated white linen skirt was topped off by a belted blouse in a hot pink with big white polka dots with white cuffed short sleeves, a faux button up with white collar and a white belt. With the big shoulder pads it looked retro 40s splashed in bold 80s color. I wore it with white stockings and high white pumps.  It was a look.

There wasn’t another pink item in my closet until 2004 when I was at a sleek dancing weight and liked the look of a pale pink sleeveless tank with jeans. That soon followed by a punch of light pinks that seemed to suit my slim trim bod of the time.

If you look through the plus size offerings in most stores you find a good dose of fuchsia, but very little pale pink.  The bolder color seems to work better on broad expanses than the lighter hues.  I may be losing weight, but I think I still need to keep with the bolder pinks if I decide to go pink for the upcoming Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas.

I know, I never thought I would be going to a mega Mary Kay event and looking forward to it, but I am!

I don’t even have my plane ticket yet and I’m planning out the wardrobe to pack: black skirt, black dress, and lots pink and white!

It feels incredibly frivolous to me on one hand and on the other, it is a sense of liberation. It is OK for me to wear pink and be proud of it.  It is OK to act like a “girly-girl” and just have fun. I don’t need to lead the pack. I want to be one of the girls that are killing it in life: making connections, building a business that positively impacts women’s lives. I want this and the good times that go with it.

I deserve this.

And I deserve to feel proud in pink again!