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Can you imagine being in pain one moment, perhaps a pain that has been with you for years, and then being suddenly released from that pain without taking any drug, pill, shot or other medical cure?

Maybe. Miracles do happen.  But then what if this occurred after a deep meditation facilitated by an energy healer?  Too woo-woo for you?

If you are even this slightest bit open to a relaxing hour of guided meditation and the hope of releasing pain, then you will want to mark 6 pm, Thursday, July 25 on your calendar for a complimentary (free!) meditation session with energy integrator and Reiki master Heidi Korsch.

My friends know that I am a pretty open-minded sort. I firmly believe that there are forces and energies that impact our psychic and physical bodies which most of us cannot see or feel. Over the years of relying on the healing arts of massage, craniosacral, reiki therapies and others I have come to respect some measure of healing from a “massage” session.

When I first met Heidi Korsch I was intrigued by her claim to be a certified Energy Integrator (yes, the caps are intentional.)  She had testimonials and case studies that attested to her ability to banish or diminish all sorts of bodily ills (even as cancer recovery). 

One session with Heidi gave me some relief with my asthma so I decided to sign up for a series of ten sessions. She was very thorough with her intake questionnaire and further probed me for information on my chronic issues – both physical and emotional. She asked about my work, income, and relationships. 

We prioritized the issues that needed the most attention. At that time I was feeling periodic chest pains, having problems breathing, and was generally low energy (and considerably overweight so none of these issues were a surprise!) I think it was four sessions in when I realized I was breathing easily without a thought and hadn’t had a chest pain since perhaps the first week.

Heidi suggested we work on my beliefs around earning money (receiving money) as she felt that I had some deep seated blocks. Although a new income stream and ideas have emerged since my sessions, I don’t see real income growth…YET. I am ever hopeful and feel it’s best to trust my work will eventually pay off.

Do you want to know what a meditation with Heidi feels like?

Heidi provides the guidance to breathe and relax the body starting at the top of the head to the tips of the toes. As she connects with my energy I feel a lightness at the top of my head as if something is pulling me up. I visualize a white haze rising from my head and connecting with her. My eyes are closed so frequently I see bright green light that sometimes morphs into purple. Those are usually the predominant colors, but bright white or yellow sometimes wafts in and fades away receding to a darker hue.

For the most part the time passes quickly as I am deeply relaxed, not asleep, just in a deep meditative state. There’s nothing wrong with falling asleep and when I have I wake up as is from a very deep slumber.

Do I have you wondering what it might feel like for you?  Stop wondering and simply set aside an hour for yourself on Thursday, July 25.  The meditation class is available LIVE and online at 6 pm at this link –  In the meantime, I encourage you to sign up on her website to receive future emails about this and other meditation sessions.